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Petition: Keep and extend 20mph limits

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Lead petitioner Marton Balazs
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Tue, 16 Jun 15
Closing date Sun, 31 Jan 16
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Signature information

We, the undersigned, appreciate the 20mph limits in Bristol. We are convinced that Bristol's narrow streets and roads in densely populated neighbourhoods or around parks are not suitable for 30mph traffic. Reducing the maximum speed makes a much more liveable city with pleasant streets, significantly improves safety of all road and pavement users, especially of children. It also has a huge positive impact on cycling by allowing cyclists to keep up with the main flow of traffic or, when this is not possible, making cars pass much more safely. It even helps businesses by making streets more friendly and stopping easier for cars.

We therefore support and encourage the Council to keep and extend the scheme in residential areas.

Background information

20mph is common sense where children live and residents walk even outside school zones. While it benefits all road users in the community, it causes minimal delay (less than 1 minute per mile) for motorists.

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