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Petition: Freeze Council Tax

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Lead petitioner Alex Smethurst
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sat, 7 Dec 13
Closing date Thu, 22 May 14
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The Mayor’s budget includes plans for a two per cent Council Tax hike every year. We call on the Mayor to propose a freeze to Council Tax for the next two years.

Background information

Council Tax freezes are, on average, saving households in England £1,000 over the course of this parliament. The tax hits everyone, no matter how much you earn. As it is unrelated to people’s ability to pay, it therefore hits people struggling on low and modest incomes hardest.

In 2011/12 and 2012/13 the Liberal Democrats in Bristol froze Council Tax.

A two-year freeze, with government support, could pump an extra £10 million of public money into the city economy – and give taxpayers back an average £125 over the next three years.

Unfortunately, Mayor George Ferguson is strongly against a Council Tax freeze. By not freezing Council Tax, which takes no account of how much you earn, the Mayor and his Cabinet will make the wrong decision. A Council Tax freeze will help all residents with their cost of living and to help pay for the cost of bills.

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