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Petition: In Support of Bristol Mobile Library - Urgent

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Lead petitioner J Majithia
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 23 Mar 12
Closing date Fri, 27 Apr 12
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We, the undersigned, petition Bristol City Council to halt/reverse imminent closure plans of the Bristol Mobile Library and to spare the service from budget cuts.

Background information

The Bristol Mobile Library has been providing services for over 40 years to local communities from Eastville, St Werburghs, Frenchay, Stapleton, Speedwell, St. George, Barton Hill, Manor Farm, Lockleaze, Sneyd Park, Stoke Bishop, Whitchurch, Brislington, Bedminster Down and Ashton.
It is set to close at the end of March 2012 but we hope to reverse this action.

The Mobile Library provides an important point of access and information to all ages, backgrounds and dis/abilities. With better promotion and some imagination and effort, we believe this service can continue to have a positive impact on Bristol and the lives and lifestyles of the surrounding communities.

Currently the Mobile Library provides access to people who cannot otherwise access existing static facilities available in Bristol. These include people with limited mobility, those without internet access or skills, parents with young children, carers, and people with limited access to transport. Also as it goes out to communities, the Mobile Library is more accessible to new and occasional users such as non-native speakers.

While an 'At Home' residential service might visit older peoples homes, community centres and housebound users it could not and should not replace the Mobile Library. Most of the existing and potential Mobile Library visitors would lose access as they do not fit into these register-based systems. Furthermore these homes or centres are unlikely to be as convenient as the current scheduled stops.

We believe any negatives, whether perceived or real in terms of low usage and an ageing vehicle, are far outweighed by the educational, cultural and social benefits gained from the library's continued service.

The Lead Petitioner is in no way associated with Bristol Mobile Library or the Bristol Library Service as a whole. This petition has been setup in light of recent information of the imminent closure of the Mobile Library to demonstrate to Bristol City Council the level of support this service has within the community.

Councillors in Bath and North East Somerset agreed to save the area's mobile library from closure. That decision came after councillors were presented with a signed petition, calling for the service to be spared from budget cuts.

If it can happen in Bath, then why not in Bristol?

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