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Petition: Safer North Street

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Lead petitioner Ulrika Maskell
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 2 Dec 11
Closing date Sat, 30 Jun 12
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Something needs to be done about the increasing speed and overall safety on North Street. Taking your children to school has become a very stressful and scary experience.

Background information

We would like more traffic calming measures along North Street and safer crossings for people and families.

As North Street is being used as a main route to school by many children there should be more effort put in to make North Street safer.

The stretch from Tescos down to Greville Smyth park is currently being used as a race track with motorist ignoring the 20mph zones making it sometimes impossible and dangerous to cross. There are not enough crossings to cover such a long road.

The junction North Street/Raleigh road needs to be improved as it is dangerous and confusing for both pedestrians and motorist.

Our local MP has highlighted that there are a lot of new calming measures in place, i.e. the narrowing of the road in several places along North street. Why that would make crossing easier I dont understand. It just takes you closer to the cars shooting past you! No one would stop for you or your children if you wished to cross unless there is a zebra crossing.

The tiny signs of the 20 zone doesnt make any cars go any slower. It is a nice idea but unfortunately ignored by most drivers.

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