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Petition: Abide by the rules of "The Game"

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Lead petitioner Jonathan Haywood
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 1 Jan 70
Closing date Thu, 1 Jan 70
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  • Jonathan Haywood
Signature information

For Bristol City Council to pass legislation requiring anyone within the city of Bristol to abide by the rules of The Game.

Background information

The Game is an ongoing mind game currently played by millions of people throughout the UK. The rules of The Game state that every time someone thinks about The Game itself, they lose The Game and must announce that they have lost. This petition requests that the rules of The Game be made law, so that anyone thinking about The Game in Bristol would be legally required to announce that they have lost The Game. Such a law would apply to anyone physically capable of losing The Game and announcing their loss, including Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister and The Queen.

Rejection reason

The petition is not relevant to some matter in relation to which the council has powers or duties.