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Petition: Employment for ALL!

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Lead petitioner TM
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 1 Jan 70
Closing date Thu, 1 Jan 70
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That Bristol City Council opens-up its vacancies to all applicant instead of recruiting "internally" or "trainees".

Background information

In recent years BCC have increasingly reduced their intake of new applicants, securing "internal jobs" for existing employees or 'employing' Trainees to do junior jobs, at £95/wk 'training allowance'.

This is a disgraceful strategy by the Authority to divest itself of proper jobs and deny all applicants in Bristol the opportunity to apply.

Rejection reason

The petition has been rejected on the following grounds: 1. Trainees - are often young people or of a certain age - this petition may be seen to encourage age discrimination by asking the Council to not recruit trainees. 2. It does not deal with the requirement for BCC to redeploy employees at risk of redundancy which is a legal requirement.