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Petition: Save the Books Outside

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Lead petitioner David Jackson
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 12 Mar 10
Closing date Wed, 30 Jun 10
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  • Frances Robertson
  • Dr C. Skelton
  • Mariateresa Bucciante
  • Ruth Burger
  • Tim Weekes
  • Oliver Newport
  • paul shepherd
  • Andrew Ventham
  • elaine ashley
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To get the Council to overrule the proposal that Beware of the Leopard Books in the Covered Market of Saint Nicholas Markets removes all books, cabinets and boxes currently displayed outside his shops.

Background information

On 24 February 2010 the Saint Nicholas Markets Management sent a letter to traders in the Covered Market requesting that all traders with items/goods outside their shops remove them by 8 March so as to make the market 'as welcoming and as attractive as possible'. Not only are they proposing an idea that could have dire financial consequences on those affected but also one that will make this part of the market look shut, sterile and characterless whilst other parts of the market are allowed to display their goods in the time honored fashion. We want the Council to guarantee that the market shall not be allowed to become a mini clone of Cabot Circus - if you want a House of Fraser experience then you go to Cabot Circus and if you want something like a traditional market with goods displayed outside and quirkiness then you come to Saint Nicholas Markets.

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