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Petition: We Need An African Restaurant In Stoke Croft

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Lead petitioner African Bristol
Assigned Officer Mike
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Tue, 28 Jul 09
Closing date Mon, 28 Dec 09

I think it will be fair to say that there are quiet a good number of Africans in Bristol,hence the need for a good African Restaurant in Stoke Croft.We ask this because there is not a single African Restaurant in Bristol.An African restaurant in stoke croft,not only will it be at a central location for all Africans in Bristol and the surroundings,it will be a form of place where Africans will meet same minded people,it will also create jobs for us.but will be a good place to in introduce the English culture to very good African cuisine.So please can you grant us the planning permission and one of the councils derelict buildings for our restaurant.

Background information

There is no African Restaurant in Bristol so we need one

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