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Petition: To oppose The Daisy Field and Lamplighters open space development

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Lead petitioner Siobhan Kennedy-Hall
Assigned Officer Mike
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Mon, 22 Jun 09
Closing date Thu, 31 Dec 09
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The Petitioners wish to register their opposition, early in the consultation process, to the possible identification of The Daisy Field and part of the Lamplighters open space as land of 'low value' as part of the Councils Parks and Green Spaces strategy, and to register opposition to its development.

Background information

Bristol City Council consulted last year on the use of Bristol's green spaces, in their Green Spaces and Parks strategy and the Council approved it. The over all strategy is to develop green space of "low value" in order to enhance the remaining green space in the city. Two of the sites potentially identified as "low value" are The Daisy Field and part of the Lamplighters open space in Shirehampton.

The consultation with local residents is still in early stages, and as of mid-June, no final decisions have been reached. This petition is an opportunity for anyone with concerns over the possibility of developing the Daisy Field or the Lamplighters open space to register their opposition to such development at these early stages.

However, those with concerns should also contact Bristol City Council Parks department and provide factual arguments for opposition to development of part of the Lamplighters open space and Daisy Field.
The officer to contact with factual details of concerns is:

Rob McGovern
Area Green Space Plan Project Officer
Bristol Parks
Colston 33
Colston Avenue
Bristol, BS1 4UA


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The Council says:

The council sets out the factors it considers when assessing open spaces for value in Appendix 5 of the Parks and Green Space Strategy which can be accessed online at . The policy relating to the identification of low value space is policy IG4 on p19 of the Strategy. Other relevant pages are page 6 which sets out policy LM7 relating to backland spaces and page 36 which identifies links to planning policy guidance.