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Petition: Save the languages department at UWE

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Lead petitioner Paul Saville
Assigned Officer Mike
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 11 Jun 09
Closing date Fri, 11 Jun 10
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  • Paul Saville
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We the undersigned, deplore the action taken by this university to close recruitment to all undergraduate specialist language courses with immeadiate effect. We particulary deplore the indecent haste with which this decision was taken and implemented. We deplore the lack of transparancy in the decision-making process and the breach of commitment to students who have already accepted unconditional offers for September 2009

Background information

A facebook group has been setup for people to ign up who think that the action taken by the UWE management is unacceptable and demand that the faculty continue to run.

As UWE and it's managment talk about a £400 million campus of the future,

see article:

they are cutting our staff, which of course affects the staff as they are under pressure, but also affects us as students whose education is adverselty affected by this.


Speaking languages is so important. UWE should keep this department running.

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