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Petition: Say No to Park and Ride on Stapleton Allotments

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Lead petitioner Lesley Alexander
Assigned Officer Mike
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Mon, 8 Sep 08
Closing date Sat, 1 May 10
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We call upon Bristol City Council to look at other options for a Park and Ride site in the north east of the City. We say no to a park and Ride on the Stapleton Allotments or on the field on the opposite side of Stoke Lane.

Background information

Statement by Councillor Lesley Alexander to Full Council, 9th September 2008

Park and Ride for the North East of the City

I have been advised that the Council’s preferred site for a park and ride on the M32 corridor is on the Stapleton holdings. This is some of the best agricultural land in the city and should be used for growing food for the people of Bristol not disappearing under tons of concrete. The land is also a wildlife network site, it is green belt, in a conservation area and there are also protected historic building policies, open spaces policies and the impact on the ecology to consider.

In any event, the location of such a park and ride site needs to be further beyond Bristol’s boundaries, nearer to the populations who will benefit from it the most, not spoiling the very attractive gateway into the city and causing yet more air pollution to people who already suffer poor air conditions because of the motorway.

The main access to the site may be from the motorway but there would need to be other entrances and exits for the convenience of motorists who do not need, or would find it very inconvenient, to go onto the motorway to access the park and ride. This situation would cause even more traffic jams and increase air pollution on the “most dug up road in Bristol” Frenchay Park Road is also the main road to the Accident & Emergency department and already ambulances have problems with queuing traffic. Frenchay Hospital may be due to close as an acute hospital and the Accident & Emergency department to relocate to Southmead in due course but, if the time frames suggested to me are correct, then there will be at least a two year overlap.

None of the other park and ride sites in the City are as near to homes as this one would be and I have yet to find anyone in the local area who is not appalled by the idea. I therefore urge the Council to look at more appropriate locations and not just go for the easy option.


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