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Petition: Re-open Robin Cousins centre as a priority

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Lead petitioner Charlotte Leslie
Assigned Officer Mike
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 13 Jun 08
Closing date Wed, 31 Dec 08
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The Petitioner calls on the Council to make the reopening of the Robin Cousins Centre a priority, resolve negotiations with the Highways Agency with all speed and provide much needed community facilities for Avonmouth, Shirehampton and the surrounding area.

Background information

The Robin Cousins Centre was closed by the Council, together with Shirehampton Pool, to relocate sports facilities to the new build sports centre at Henbury.

Plans to retain sports facilities at Shirehampton and Avonmouth were abandoned by the Council and these areas have since suffered a lack of leisure facilities.

The result has been that a large population have had no easy access to sport and leisure facilities - in an area already stripped of other community amenities -and that in particular, the youth population have had nothing to do. This has exacerbated antisocial behaviour problems in the area.

The Robin Cousins Centre has lain empty since 2005 at a cost of around £20,000 to the tax payer. Clear up costs are increasing as it is fast becoming delapidated and is attracting graffiti and rubbish.

Ian Moore MBE secured the winning bid for the purchasing of the Robin Cousins Centre in 2006, to be used for community activities - both sporting and cultural, for all ages.

Since then, the bid to reopen the Robin Cousins Centre has been hampered by unreasonable demands from the Highways Agency, regarding access requirements. The result has been delay after delay, and no clear indication of progress.

This petition calls for the Council to make the reopening of the Robin Cousins Centre an absolute priority for the people of Avonmouth, Shirehampton and for the city as a whole.

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