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Petition: Save our Boat Yard

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1304 signatures 1304 online signatures
Lead petitioner Laura Appleby
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Mon, 11 Dec 17
Closing date Wed, 11 Dec 19
Last signatories
  • Jennie Tapscott
  • Geoff Fitton
  • S Mackenzie
  • Carol Kirby
  • Geoff Ford
  • Vicky Leitch
  • David Ward
  • David Bagshaw
  • Gary cooksley
  • Orlando Clarke
Signature information

Bristol’s last remaining working boatyard with lifting facilities is under threat.
Ships and boats have been built and repaired on the site of Bristol boatyard for the last 200 years. Our city’s fortunes and worldwide reputation have been built on its maritime industries although much of it is now is only represented at visitor attractions such as the SS Great Britain.

We aren’t a museum piece – we are living history and over the last 37 years, thousands boats have been made seaworthy by skilled shipwrights, craftsmen and passionate boat owners.
Our Boatyard is a last piece of living history in Bristol’s heritage of ship-building. Please sign our petition and Help us Save our Boatyard

Background information

The petition is needed to demonstrate Bristol Citizen's support for saving a key part of its Harbors heritage.

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