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Petition: Bristol Tax Payers Money

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Lead petitioner Graham Donald
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Mon, 13 Nov 17
Closing date Thu, 1 Mar 18
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Signature information

I the undersigned call for:

I. A full independent inquiry into the recruitment for and departure from her post of former Bristol City Council chief executive Ms Klonowski with terms of reference for such inquiry that include any contributory factors towards her departure from her post, an overview of her performance in that role and the resultant financial costs to the city council.

The mayor to be held responsible, in the appropriate manner, for any ultra vires decisions of his revealed by the independent inquiry regarding any payment made to Ms Klonowski.

Background information

Anna Klonowski originally came to Bristol as a temporary appointment to cover the position of Strategic Director Resources in Mid-2016.
She was then appointed, after a controversial recruitment process, to be the Chief Executive of Bristol City Council at a salary of £160,000 a year plus benefits. In early September 2017 the Mayor announced that she was leaving for personal reasons.

It later emerged through Private Eye (rotten boroughs) and other media, including the BBC and the Bristol Post, that Ms Klonowski had received a large pay out on leaving (£70,000, with some rumours saying more). The total cost of this to the Bristol tax payer appears to be just short of £100,000. The Mayor has so far failed to satisfactorily explain the reasons for the Chief Executive’s departure and the circumstances under which the pay-out was made, on “confidentiality” grounds. What has been revealed, following public questioning, is that the contract of employment did not specify that any additional payment had to be made if the Chief Executive resigned. Given the substantial cost to the tax payer, councillors from across political parties have asked for a full disclosure of how much public money has been spent, what the legal authority was for such a payment and who authorised it.

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