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Petition: Temple meads stadium site to become a forest

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Lead petitioner Andy Hamilton
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sat, 11 Nov 17
Closing date Thu, 31 Dec 20
Last signatories
  • Sean McGough
  • rob benington
  • Jacob Peter bull
  • Annette Cowley
  • Kate Patten
  • Jacob Stow
  • Rachel Tomlinson
  • Samantha Lacey
  • Gus Hoyt
  • Nicola Ramsden
Signature information

A forest to be planted in the wasteland that was once destined to be for the stadium.

Background information

A single mature, leafy tree is estimated to produce a day's supply of oxygen for anywhere from two to 10 people - A forest in the center of Bristol could provide clean air for the whole of the city. What more it would make a huge statement to the rest of the world and would be a thriving home for wildlife.

Spending time in a forest has also been proven to lower blood pressure and help regulate mood. Two of the major health problems affecting our city today.

Managed right, the trees could provide a sustainable and renewable income for the city. Wood for wood burners, chestnuts, apples, pine wood, mushrooms and a whole variety of goods can make a woodland a very profitable venture.

The woodland could also help lower the temperature of the city and reduce levels of pollution.

Trees can also absorb water and reduce the amount of flooding in an city.

They could also act as a noise buffer - absorbing the noise of the main roads and rail around the site.

With all this, it is a wonder that every city doesn't have a woodland. This could be Bristol's chance to be truly different by doing something that as radical as some of it's most famous inhabitants.

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