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Petition: Homeless men banned from Clifton Village

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Lead petitioner Sasha Lubetkin
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 6 Oct 17
Closing date Wed, 6 Dec 17
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  • Roxana Vecchi
  • Judy Wallis
  • Caroline Davis
  • Jess Siggers
  • Mark Robertson
  • Charlie Walker
  • Sophia Davidson
  • nektaria pospori
  • Matthew Lock
  • helton
Signature information

We the undersigned are petitioning on behalf of two homeless men, Danny and Glenn, who have been banned from Clifton Village. We would like the ban to be lifted, and these two men to be allowed to enter Clifton Village freely.

Background information

Danny and Glenn were both falsely accused of aggressive begging in Clifton Village. Although this charge was dropped, they have been banned from visiting Clifton Village where they have many friends and well-wishers. We would like them to be free to enter Clifton Village whenever they wish.

Please would people who care nothing for the plight of these unfortunate men refrain from adding false signatures to this petition? Think, instead, that there - but for good fortune - could be you or me.

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