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Petition: Destruction of Jacobean interior 11 Small Street, BS1

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40 signatures 40 online signatures
Lead petitioner Simond ffiske
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 7 Sep 17
Closing date Wed, 28 Feb 18
Last signatories
  • rob benington
  • Lynn thompson
  • Bryony Spooner
  • Claire Harris
  • maggie shapland
  • Russ Leith
  • Jeremy McNeill
  • J Sheppard
  • David R Williams
  • Michael K Child
Signature information

We the undersigned are strongly opposed to the continued destruction of the Jacobean interior of 15 Small Street Bristol, (formerly the Big Chill). We feel resolutely that all work be halted immediately. It is alleged that the developers delayed a visit from Historic England and then began demolition prior to inspection.

We the undersigned petition for the interior be restored to it's original condition. We beleive BCC and Historic England should intervene and ensure the building is properly listed to reflect it's historic interest and importance as part of Bristol's heritage.

We also petition for the restoration of what has already been destroyed should be at the expense of the developers, and it's Directors, namely : Midas Property Solutions / G&E Baio Ltd of 31 Kings Parade Avenue, Clifton, BRISTOL BS8 2RE.

Background information

Mike Fox, from Save Britain’s Heritage, was “appalled at the mutilation” and is calling for “interim protection” for buildings being assessed.

He said: “We strongly encourage Bristol City Council and Historic England to pursue all available means to have it reconstructed and to reprimand those responsible.”

The development for 5 student flats, an article in the Bristol Evening Post can be seen here:

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