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Petition: Cycle racks on Chandos Road, Redland

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Lead petitioner Diana Swain
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Wed, 2 Aug 17
Closing date Wed, 1 Nov 17
Last signatories
  • Deborah Carter
  • Sarah Watson
  • Emma wreyford
  • Sally Pheasant
  • Victoria forrest
  • Sharon Rose
  • Kristina Ehmen
  • Dave Lewis
  • Barbara Moulang
  • Malcolm Reed
Signature information

Local residents and businesses would like cycle racks to be installed on Chandos Road, Redland. for the use of visitors and customers of our local businesses. As there are only narrow pavements, and there are no obvious spaces for cycle parking elsewhere, we request that some car parking bays on the highway be redesignated for cycle parking. We call upon councillors to support this petition and Council to instruct the Highways Department to start the process of amending the Traffic Regulation Order for the road. Local traders and residents are happy to be involved in the planning and consultation for the change of use of the parking bays.

Background information

There is currently no provision for cyclists to leave their bikes securely when they use our local shops, restaurants, bars and businesses. Local businesses report a clear demand from their customers.

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