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Petition: Protect Bristol's Street Trees

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Lead petitioner Mark CD Ashdown
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Wed, 5 Jul 17
Closing date Tue, 31 Oct 17
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1. Bristol City Council has cut the budget for the maintenance of street trees, which means almost no tree maintenance and an end to pollarding.

2. The effect of this will be that many trees may become overgrown and dangerous, damaging pavements and causing injury and buildings subsidence with subsequent costly claims on the council

3. Trees may then have to be expensively felled on a large scale, with a massive loss to the city environment and the well-being of all its citizens for generations.

We call on Bristol City Council to find a sustainable alternative to this disastrous outcome.

Background information

Trees are important to the residents of all cities. Not only do they make our public spaces more attractive, they also bring major environmental benefits by reducing air pollution and urban heat sink effects, flooding and the danger from summer heat-waves. They are known to improve our physical and mental well-being. They help to encourage outdoor activities and a have direct benefit on communities and an indirect benefit on the local economies. Street trees and those in car parks bring the most benefits.
Bristol is lucky to have a tree legacy left by the Victorians, but it needs maintaining and topping up. University studies show that a city needs approximately 30% of Green Infrastructure (GI) to be healthy and help mitigate against the negative impacts of climate change. Not only are trees a major part of Bristol’s GI, accounting for about 14% of its value, they are also an effective and natural way of helping us keep healthy and happy.

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