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Petition: Luckwell school lollipop lady

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Lead petitioner Luke Waterman
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 19 May 17
Closing date Sat, 15 Jul 17
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  • Susan Flint
  • Luke Waterman
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Luckwell School is situated on the busy junction of Luckwell and Duckmore Roads. There was a lollipop lady - she has retired. It is a challenging crossing, as children have to look for traffic coming from three separate directions. This has been highlighted by a recent accident involving an ex-pupil of the school. Currently there is no safe controlled way to ensure children's safety. We the undersigned, urge the council to to provide a lollipop lady at this junction so that the safety of the children is ensured. We believe that Luckwell School's location on this busy junction warrants the council's funding.

Background information

This petition is to show the support for the replacement of the lollipop lady at the junction of Duckmore and Luckwell roads has retired. It's a busy junction, with rush hour traffic coming from three directions making it dangerous and challenging. It warrants local government funding for a replacement lollipop lady to ensure the safety of the children crossing to and from school.

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