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Petition: Save Jubilee Pool

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Lead petitioner Gary Hopkins
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 2 Feb 17
Closing date Mon, 31 Jul 17
Last signatories
  • John Anthony Hunt
  • Daniel Brown
  • Tamsyn Winks
  • D Daniels
  • V Daniels
  • Ed Pitt
  • Sarah Maddox
  • Kiera Dale-Trotter
  • Jade Cook
  • katie shepherd
Signature information

We the residents of Knowle, neighbouring areas and the supporters and users of Jubilee Pool wish to send a message to Bristol City Council to demand that they ensure the continuation of this valuable public facility.
Jubilee Pool is particularly valuable because of its small scale and the fact that so many of its users get there by walking and other means of sustainable transport. The investment in the mini Gym some years ago not only widened the user group but also made it far more sustainable financially.
It is regrettable that the proposed Council budget cut was announced without any discussion with interested parties including the Management and we demand that appropriate actions take place in advance of the Septembers cut-off date to ensure a continued service.

Background information

The loss of this facility would have dramatic effects on the wellbeing and physical health of the surrounding community.
Save Jubilee Pool

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