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Petition: Save the Old BRI, Bristol's largest Georgian building

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71 signatures 71 online signatures
Lead petitioner Martin Thomas
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 2 Feb 17
Closing date Sat, 1 Jun 19
Last signatories
  • Catherine Green
  • Colin Lazarus
  • MervynPratt
  • steven Dawson
  • Annette Cowley
  • Richard Holland
  • Chris Shorland
  • Claire Harris
  • Bettina Langlois
  • Jules Hadley
Signature information

Unite are proposing a huge new development of up to 800 student flats on the site of the Old BRI, behind the bus station. Part of this site is dominated by the Georgian Hospital building, originally founded in 1832.

Unite want to completely demolish this historic building, and the ornate Victorian chapel, and build a vast new student complex in its place.

We believe that the Georgian building is socially, architecturally, and historically important, and there are no reasons why the building cannot be kept, restored, and incorporated as the centrepiece of a humanely scaled new development.

We petition the City to effect all possible measures to ensure the protection of this historic building, and demonstrate to Unite that there is the strongest objection to the loss of our city's heritage to commercial greed.

Background information

This petition is needed to protect an important part of the city's heritage from inappropriate and harmful development.

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