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9 signatures 9 online signatures
Lead petitioner John Kerridge
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Thu, 2 Feb 17
Closing date Mon, 24 Apr 17
Last signatories
  • Yuliana
  • Mark Lovell
  • Kevan Hampton
  • Jonathan Fowler
  • Peter Derek Dodd
  • Kamaljit Poonia
  • Kerry Greig
  • Stephanie burke
  • John Kerridge
Signature information

In our view, no ceremonial duties or civic welcome should be bestowed upon or tax payers funding, assets or buildings utilised to facilitate any potential visit to the City of Bristol by the President of the United States (Mr. Donald Trump) whilst on his state visit to the UK. I call on the Mayor of Bristol to promote this approach with other core cities in the UK.

Background information

In our view, the presence of the President of the United States (Mr. Donald Trump) will be a risk to the community cohesion of our great city.

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Name Ward Date
Yuliana Wed, 15 Mar 17
Mark Lovell Cotham Tue, 21 Feb 17
Kevan Hampton Brislington East Thu, 2 Feb 17
Jonathan Fowler Easton Thu, 2 Feb 17
Peter Derek Dodd Southville Wed, 1 Feb 17
Kamaljit Poonia Brislington East Wed, 1 Feb 17
Kerry Greig Brislington East Wed, 1 Feb 17
Stephanie burke Bishopston Wed, 1 Feb 17
John Kerridge Brislington East Mon, 30 Jan 17