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Petition: Build a basketball and football covered court!

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Lead petitioner enzo hernandez
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Mon, 30 Jan 17
Closing date Fri, 26 Jan 18
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  • Vania Anna Terzopoulou
  • Miguel Ferreira Lima
  • Michael K Child
  • Joseph Beynon
  • enzo hernandez
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I think that there should be more facilities around Bristol were the youth can play without getting wet! There should be courts to play basketball and football with shelter and lights. This will encourage kids to go out more and it could produce better athletes in Bristol.

Background information

I think there is a lack of courts around Bristol and I don't think there are any that are sheltered so when it rains we have nowhere to play football, basketball etc.
In other countries around Europe they have pitches that are covered and have lights even though the weather is better then in England.

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