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Petition: Brislington meadows = proposed development

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Lead petitioner mike wollacott
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 16 Dec 16
Closing date Fri, 1 Dec 17
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  • Rachel green
  • Vania Terzopoulou
  • Heidi Taylor
  • Carolina Schultz
  • Leigh vile
  • Marian Colfer
  • David Williams
  • Antonella Massari
  • Jayne Bowman
  • Alan Marshfield
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Whilst recognising the urgent need to address the housing needs of the city, we encourage the council to ensure that the most though consultation takes place, and that community alternatives are properly considered. Development needs to be sustainable, both in relation to the environment and the local community.

Background information

to encourage the mayor and council to strike the right balance between the provision of housing, that is a critical requirement, but at the same time recognising the legitimate concerns of local neighbourhoods at the loss of local green space amenity, and focus, at least initially, on the development of brown field sites, especially as the government has offered support on this.

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