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Petition: Zebra crossing at Tyndalls Park Rd and Woodland Rd junction

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Lead petitioner Sharon Chauhan
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Tue, 20 Sep 16
Closing date Fri, 1 Sep 17
Last signatories
  • Sinead English
  • Dr Susanne Schindler
  • Dr Andre Gruning
  • A Young
  • David Johnston
  • Isaac Chenchiah
  • Roderick West
  • Lina Gebrail Tahan
  • Ruth Colson
  • Patricia Brownen
Signature information

Proposing a zebra crossing at the junction of Tyndalls Park Road and Woodland Road.

Background information

Despite a 'raised table' at this 3 way junction, it remains a hazardous crossing for pedestrians, predominantly children going to school and students to University.

A zebra crossing is needed to focus pedestrians to cross in one place at this junction.

The raised table may slow traffic but a zebra crossing will give pedestrians right of way.

If you would use a zebra crossing at this junction please sign below.

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