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Petition: To allow an annual mini festival on the Downs

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Lead petitioner David Brook
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 9 Sep 16
Closing date Fri, 8 Sep 17
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  • Katharine Rogers
  • Sinibaldo De Rosa
  • Susan Shapcott
  • michelle rice
  • neil light
  • Mrs Mary Coram
  • marie jackson
  • Sarah Irish-Robins
  • Jonathan Green
  • Mark Lovell
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To provide supporting weight to any future applications to the Council / Downs Commitee to hold mini-festivals / music concerts on the Downs.

Background information

The recent Massive Attack gig has demonstrated that it is possible to hold music concerts on Durham Downs without causing any significant detriment to the environment or local residents. This petition requests that the Council consider making it an annual event.
Similar sized cities in the UK eg leeds, Reading seem able to host much larger music events and as the recent event shows there is certainly an appetite for it.
Given that the Council also needs the revenue such events would generate, it would seem like a win win for all Bristol residents.

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