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Petition: Allow buffer zones for parking across RPZ boundaries

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17 signatures 17 online signatures
Lead petitioner Iain Hallam
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Tue, 17 May 16
Closing date Thu, 31 May 18
Last signatories
  • Robert Corfield
  • Mel Lewis-Leger
  • Mary Christine King
  • Vania Anna Terzopoulou
  • Sharon Rose
  • Anna Wilson
  • luise Holder
  • maggie shapland
  • Jenny Burrell
  • ian scott
Signature information

Residents whose homes fall within a certain distance of the boundary of a residents' parking zone should be able to park across the boundary in a buffer zone that allows parking from both zones.

Background information

At present, the RPZ boundaries are hard edges, sometimes running down the middle of a street. This means that the available parking has halved for those residents, minimising the positive benefits of the parking zones.

I propose that within a certain distance of the boundary of a zone, perhaps 200 metres, residents from both zones should be able to park legally. This would allow the stated intention of the zones to be fulfilled where at the moment they are not meeting their purpose.

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