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Lead petitioner Edith DUVIVIER Stuart
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sun, 24 Jan 16
Closing date Mon, 1 Jan 18
Last signatories
  • Malcolm Ritchie
  • Sarah Howard
  • Blair Wallace
  • Hannah Wallace
  • Penny Rawlings
  • Dru Brooke-Taylor
  • Damian Weddell
  • Emma Balfour
  • Sally Derrick
  • Tony Mason
Signature information

We, the undersigned, are all residents, workers or regular users of the water sports clubs on Spike Island. We understand the natural access constraints of the Island and do not want to see this restricted even further.
We are aware of the Traffic Order, (already passed), to prevent right turns from Cumberland Road onto Avon Crescent. This will be nuisance enough to all of us, but we now hear it is proposed to close Avon Crescent TO ALL TRAFFIC.
This proposal will lead to massive congestion at the bottleneck of Junction Lock, creating an emissions hotspot as traffic sits going nowhere on the approach ramps and beens of the badly designed road system.
All this will cost thousands and thousands of pounds, and many more months of disruption when there is no actual need for any change. Though we understand why the 30 or so residents of Avon Crescent would like the road closed, we feel it would be at the expense of the vast majority,with the potential to cripple local business.
It has been argued that the closure would improve pedestrian access to the Harbour, however we believe that thisis not the case with Underfall Yard's new walkway excluding Avon Crescent completely from the Historic Harbour Walkway Trail.

Background information

Over the years the City Council has encouraged the development of Spike Island to the point where hundreds of people now live, work or use facilities here. The interests and concerns of these people have been ignored now for too long, with road closures etc being forced yon is without consultation or regard.
We ask the Council to take note of this petition and to discontinue any proposals to restrict access via Avon Crescent.
When signing, please include your residence, pave of work, or sports club.

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