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Petition: Prioritise brownfield sites for development: protect precious green open space

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Lead petitioner David Sandilands
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 19 Jun 15
Closing date Thu, 27 Aug 15
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Green open space is a precious and finite resource. To give it the best possible protection we urge Bristol City Council to:

• Give priority to development on ‘Brownfield’ sites and ensure that housing development on land already designated as a ‘Green Infrastructure’ asset (as defined in Bristol Core Strategy Policies BCS9 and BCS22) will not be allowed

• Adopt the recommendations of the CPRE report ‘From Wasted Space to Living Spaces’ (see below for details)

Background information

This petition has been launched by the Protect Frome Valley @ Stapleton Community Association, formed in February 2015 in direct response to a proposed development on green open space adjacent to Eastville Park Lake (see figure 1) that enjoyed multiple protective designations in Bristol’s planning policies and yet was still extremely vulnerable to what we regard as a speculative and wholly inappropriate development proposal.

See for details.

Bristol needs more homes: we recognise and accept this. We also recognise that this will place increasing pressure on our much loved and used green open spaces.

However, Bristol does not need to sacrifice these precious and finite resources in order to meet this need. In its report ‘From Wasted Space to Living Spaces’, the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) identifies that up to 30,000 homes could be built on brownfield sites in the Bristol area.

The report, based on research conducted by the University of the West of England (UWE), highlights Bristol as one of the few local authorities already doing much in this regard but acknowledges that more needs to be done - both locally and nationally - to protect green open space from being lost forever. The report’s recommendations call for:

• A clear and consistent ‘brownfield first’ approach in planning policy
• Bringing back an effective strategic tier of sub-regional or county level planning
• Ensuring that strong strategic and local plans are encouraged, implemented and updated across the country
• Giving the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) greater powers and resources to redevelop large and difficult sites
• Developing a proactive approach to identifying brownfield land, with increased focus on regenerating large sites with multiple owners
• Reintroducing mandatory reporting to the National Land Use Database (NLUD) and make its data more accessible
• Providing assistance to smaller builders by identifying smaller sites and offering incentives for development such as the increased use of local development orders (LDOs)

The full report can be found at

We urge Bristol City Council to use the year of European Green Capital to adopt these recommendations so far as possible at City level, and in so doing develop Best Practice models as an example to other local authorities.

As population densities increase, access to green open space becomes ever more important for our physical and mental wellbeing and for our beleaguered wildlife. We must make every effort to keep Bristol the wonderful place it is in which to live and work. If the legacy of our year of European Green Capital is to have any real meaning for the ordinary people of Bristol, it will lie in the quality of the Green Infrastructure that we hand on to the next generation. We urge you to support this petition.

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