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Petition: Call for BCC to start continious air quality monitoring in Avonmouth

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Lead petitioner Adam Herriott
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Tue, 1 Jul 14
Closing date Thu, 1 Jan 15
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  • rose o'flaherty
  • Henry D O'Tani
  • Bryony Maclagan Sutton
  • Mr. Roger Sabido
  • Laura J Welti
  • Tim Hinson
  • Steve Maslin
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We the undersigned are concerned about the presence and expansion of a number of industries known to be hazardous to human health in Avonmouth, particularly (but not limited to) wood dust from biomass processing, metal dust and vehicle emissions. We call for continuous air quality monitoring in the Avonmouth area, including the analysis of NO2, PM 10 and PM 2.5. and nano particulates on an ongoing basis. These data need to be made publicly available and must lead to a permanent Air Quality Monitoring Area. Information gathered should be analysed in time to implement preventative action during Green Capital 2015.

Background information

There is an ongoing (for years) dust problem in Avonmouth that is affecting residents in Avonmouth and Bristol. See this article in the Bristol Post

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