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Petition: Bristol's Lap Dancing Clubs should stay!

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Lead petitioner Carrie Hale
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Fri, 6 Sep 13
Closing date Fri, 31 Oct 14
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  • Colin Noakes
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  • Joseph Hallett
Signature information

This petition calls upon Bristol City Council to allow SEV venues to operate in Bristol and not to amend the licensing policy all ready set by the council.

Background information

This petition calls that Bristol City Council allow lap dancing clubs, gentlemen's clubs, strip clubs and pole dancing clubs otherwise known as SEV's to operate in Bristol.

The licensing policy has already been implemented and decided that the suitable number of SEV's in Bristol was 3 with 2 other venues being forced to close to reduce numbers.

There is huge demand for these venues otherwise they would not exist and they do not only cater for men. Many of these venues cater for both women and men and provide a range of entertainment from lap dancing, burlesque, pole dancing & cocktail making to name but a few. The women and men that work in these venues are not exploited neither are they forced to work in such venues.

The people of Bristol should have a choice to visit such establishments and by having a nil cap this choice will be taken away.

Please see the Sex Myth article to the right.
NOTE: The material contained in the link shown on the right refers to adult material and people under 18 are informed not to read further. The Council neither endorses nor is responsible for the content of the sites accessed via links.

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