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Petition: Make the Bristol-Bath Cycle path/ Greenway a safer route to travel

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Lead petitioner Claire Day
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sun, 21 Jul 13
Closing date Sat, 21 Dec 13
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We need to make the Bristol-Bath 'Cycle path' Greenway (and other shared-use 'cycle' paths in Bristol) a safer route to travel for cyclists, people who ride bikes to work, children and other pedestrians.

During peak time 8-9am and 3-5pm where the paths are used by cyclists, commuting bike riders and commuting school children it is mayhem and dangerous. There are parts of the path where the pedestrians have to cross completely via a poorly designed zebra crossing – during peak times a ‘lollypop’ person is required and signs to notify of the school crossing coming up.

This area also needs to be a speed reduction zone – where by the tarmac is a different colour (like the bus stops) and the speed set between 5-10 mph during these congested times. This would also require speeds marked out on the path for cyclist to see.

Background information

Shared-use paths are a great way to get around the city. They provide valuable opportunities to travel in a traffic-free environment, to relax and unwind, but they are not just for cyclists, many people use these paths too. We all have responsibilities for the safety of others we are sharing a space with.

The Bristol to Bath route is a highway of people moving about we need to stop cyclists speeding along the greenway especially during times of children going to and from school.

Something needs to change to maintain a safe space for all users of the Bristol to Bath Greenway.

Many people have witnessed and/or endured:

- cyclists speeding along the greenway at faster speeds than they would be able to travel on the roads
- cyclists and pedestrians unsure of rights of way
- cyclists knocking over/and knocking into children/pedestrians
- cyclists forcing people off the path so they have the right of way (Sustrans published a code of conduct stating that pedestrians have the right of way on a greenway)
- verbal abuse from cyclists when asking them to slow down
- cyclists taking unnecessary dangerous risks to overtake pedestrians

As a cyclist, I believe it is important to have this healthier route to travel around, but it is not a means to allow cyclist to travel at speeds, which are unsafe. As many are polite, it would seem a shame to put barriers up along the path by means of controlling speed. As a pedestrian this can be a frightening route at times and something needs to be done to help make it safer for all users.

Bristol city council have brought in a 20mph speed limit to make the city a safer place….this should be the greenway speed limit at all times. During periods of increase use, such as school start and finishing times, the pathway around schools and parks reduced to 10mph. This can be achieved by having the tarmac a different colour as on the main roads where bus stop/lanes are.

More importantly, urge Bristol City Council to set up ‘lollypop’ people to help make the areas on the ‘cycle paths’ around school a safer space for both cyclists and pedestrians before more serious accidents occur.

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