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Petition: Stop Parking Charges at Oldbury Court Estate (Vassells Park)

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Lead petitioner Nadia Paul
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Mon, 28 Jan 13
Closing date Sat, 31 Aug 13
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Signature information

The petitioner and many locals known to her have been using the park daily for many years. We feel it's an injustice to charge and create parking problems in the Fishponds area which now has many parking problems - especially since the new traffic layout from Fishponds Road and Straights Parade.

Background information

In view of the recent proposal to levy car parking charges at Vassells Park, we feel this will prevent families from enjoying one of the best outdoor spaces in Bristol. Many people bring their children straight from schools instead of them being stuck indoors playing computer games. It allows them exercise (which they need) and exposure to nature and outdoor environments. Dog walkers use it daily, sports and games are regularly played all year round. The levying of parking charges will discourage many people in this economic climate.

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