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Petition: Stop the EDL march on 14 July

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Lead petitioner adrian probert
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Sun, 6 May 12
Closing date Thu, 28 Jun 12
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We, the undersigned call on our council to call on Theresa May, Home Secretary to ban the English Defence Leagues proposed march in Bristol on July 14. We know only too well how destructive these demonstrations can be.

Background information

The EDL aim to bring a message of hatred to our city. Last years tragedy in Norway illustrates the devastating effect this kind of hatred can have on communities if left unchecked.

The EDL must not be able to bring their message of hate and division to places where diversity is a strength not a weakness.

We welcome and take pride in our multicultural community in Bristol. The warm response for the public statement and events to Welcome, Celebrate and Defend Our Multicultural Society in Bristol, that we and many councillors supported, is one sign of this.

The EDL are not welcome here. There must be no place for hatred in our communities. The EDL marches in Telford, Tower Hamlets and Luton have been banned and now the Home Secretary must ban the march in Bristol.

We oppose anyone who would wish to incite hatred against others because of their religious belief, ethnic origin or sexual orientation

The Home Secretary must act, and act now to ensure that the EDL is not able to bring its tour of hate to the streets of Bristol.

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