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Petition: Bristol Needs a Rink

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Lead petitioner Graham Goodman
Petition target Bristol City Council
Start date Wed, 25 Jan 12
Closing date Mon, 19 Mar 12
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Signature information

It has recently become public knowledge that a threat exists to the continued provision of suitable ice skating facilities within the city of Bristol.

We, the undersigned, petition Bristol City Council to use any influence it has to facilitate the replacement of an ice rink in the locality that is suitable for all of the current users of the facility; namely, the ice hockey teams, the ice hockey teams supporters, the figure skaters and the recreational skaters.

Background information

UNITE, the owner of the current building, expect to submit a full planning application to convert the current facility into student flats. While space is being allocated for some leisure facility within these plans, this leisure facility is not guaranteed to be an ice rink.

Furthermore, even if this space was to be used as an ice rink, it is of an insufficient size to support any ice sports such as ice hockey or figure skating.

It is important that, regardless of the outcome of this planning application, the many sports, clubs and users of the existing ice rink continue to have somewhere in the city where they can continue to participate. Since there are no alternative facilities within the area to use as an interim alternative, it is vital that this is achieved in a manner that does not require the sports, clubs and users to take an enforced break from competition or participation before any alternative is made operational.

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